Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh hi there! Have you met Green?

Is it just me or has this week been CRAZY at work? Thank the internet gods that I've had my side project of rainbow to keep me sane. We've done rainbow, pink, yellow, and blue, so today I bring you green!

Let's kick-start Green Friday with this ultra-fab room courtesy of the maison & objet trade show 2011, shall we?

Lime and mint with orange accents? I'll take it!

Room design and pieces by Jean Boggio for Franz. That guy has some seriously awesome wares, so expect to see more of his loot in the future here. I never really think about orange when I'm decorating, but this room definitely makes me want to reconsider that.

This next room speaks for itself. Check it:

Found at Apartment Therapy

But I'll speak for it a little anyhow. The mix of the grass green on the walls with the lime green of the bed linens is totally refreshing since it isn't matchy-matchy (although I'd go for a non-furry throw myself). The saltillo tile floor, taupe ceiling, and funky but simple furniture make for such a lively room! Plus it looks doable for us normal folks, which is certainly not always the case with well-designed rooms.

Another doable design? This bed linen combo from Anthropologie.

Me and tufted get along just fine, and this quilt is no exception. I love that they paired it with the watercolor pillow and grey sheets; it shows that green can be an innovative neutral in its own right.

Case in point? How well it goes with plum, too!

And pink!

I'm a bad blogger and don't remember where I found this picture.
I am le sorry :(

Do I have you convinced of the gloriousness of green? Or do you need an Appletini to make an informed decision?

I thought so...

Happy weekend! Have lots of fun and return with stories, ok?

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  1. Green is my favvvorite color. I thought you should know.