Friday, June 24, 2011

NOW it's Friday!

And thank the gods of glitter for that. In keeping with the sparkly gold that I gave you all yesterday, I decided that Friday (oh, and I double-checked and today is Friday) should be gilded. Let's jump right into some shiny golden goodness, shall we?

Also, yes. There will be lots of gold on ladychirpsalot on a regular basis. I'll try to reign it in but I can't make any promises...

First of all, I found this insane table that echoes the one in the Beard house from Tuesday/Wednesday.

Yeehaw for driftwood!

Apparently it's really difficult to make. You have to do all of three steps to replicate this guy: 1) find driftwood, 2) spray paint aforementioned driftwood, 3) add a piece of glass from Home Depot.

I simultaneously think it's really hideous and really cool, and I'm not offended no matter which opinion you side with.

Something I think is genuinely cool is this Philippe Starck bedside table lamp.

Available at Moss

I know. It's crazy. Crazy-awesome. Plus maybe it would deter burglars! That's what I call double-duty, dudes. Picture it. You = reading. Burglar = burgling. Lamp = PROTECTING. Home = Safe.

What's that? You want gold dining chairs? Fine, talk me into it.

One of my fave sites for fun affordable housewares, Maisons du Monde

With one of these at each end of the table and some Starck ghost chairs (real or imitation) in between, you've got a killer dining room that'll blend with almost any decor. I bet you could just Clorox wipe those seats, too. Mess-friendly!

So pull up a sheeny shiny chair and kick up your Cavalli's:

It's time to enjoy the collaboration between Dolce & Gabbana and Martini: Martini Gold.

I have NO idea why that exists, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't need to, but I'm determined to find it and try it now (not like, right now. I'm at work. And, um, obviously working very hard). I'll report back!

Have a beautiful weekend! I plan on doing some of this:

yes, that is the J.Crew suit featured here :)

Haha, silly Joseph.

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