Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maximizing style

I was recently queried about maxi dresses. To which I replied that I had never thought much about them since on me they look like nightgowns. But I have a stylish coworker who wears them on occasion, and she totally rocks the look.

The key to a successful maxi dress is, in my opinion, simplicity. Breezy fabrics, not a lot of pattern, simple cuts. Prime example from J.Crew:

Doria dress in Indigo

It's a day-to-evening dress, certainly, and the drapery is so well done! It's Grecian without being over-the-top toga-y (and without the economic turmoil). It also comes in a lovely "Weathered Wood" color:


I would've named it Romantic Rust, but that's neither here nor there. Can't you totally see it as a bridesmaid's dress in a destination wedding? I can. *sigh*

For a more casual maxi, Old Navy has this jersey knit number.

The straightforward cut paired with the striking magenta makes it special enough to stand out, but easy enough to not look like you're trying too hard. I can see this at the pool, out to dinner later that night, and thrown on the next morning to run errands.

In keeping with the brighter color them is this teal halter from Victoria's Secret.

It's probably just because it looks so good on the model, but they have me seriously adding that to my shopping cart. It'd only need to be taken up by about 13 inches. But it's so pretty! Let's all get one!

Also loving this stripey C&C California available on shopbop:

See? Stripey!

The upside down V pattern is lengthening, and the back is smocked for ultimate comfort!

Any of these guys can be accessorized any way you want. Simply with just giant sunglasses, or more out of control with some lacquer bangles, giant sparkly studs, and major wedges. Plus an edgy leather jacket if it's cool out. My current wish item? This beauty by Helmut Lang:

Sorry it's so tiny. See it larger at the BG website

I don't have any magical tips for rocking the maxi, I really think the only key to owning the maxi is wearing it with ease; if you feel like you're trying too hard you'll look like you're trying too hard.

And that's all I have for you today, my loves! Like me on facebook if it's true!

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