Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ladychirpsalot shows her true colors...

After a manic, manic, Monday, the only cure for me was to watch some Harry Potter. So Joseph and I settled in last night and popped in Order of the Phoenix, which ended up inspiring me to write a post based loosely on Grimmauld Place (my apologies if you aren't the HP geek that I am. just go with it, if you would).

Were I of the magical persuasion and living in a brooding mansion, I would obviously need a fabulously dramatic tub like this one from Grupo Tresse.

I'd have to fashion a wand-holder onto the side, but I think that could easily be done with my skillz.

Since you never know when some nosy house-elf is going to barge in on you, I would probably don this Vix bikini until the tub had filled at least half-way up with starfish-shaped bubbles.

I mean, a witch-lady has to look stylish for her hired help (yes, mine would have full benefits)! I'd also keep this jeweled mesh bracelet on regular rotation. It's quirky and sparkly and would go great with all my dark robes.

Vera Wang at Saks

Paired with the ever-chic Black Velvet Chanel nail polish, of course.

Once I'd soaked all my magical maladies away, I'd get cozy in bed after selecting a couple of Muggle texts (maybe some light Dostoyevsky, or perhaps a simple Octavio Paz) from my favorite bookshelf.

I'm not always a Mackenzie-Childs fan, but sometimes the pieces decide to speak to me. Um, no. Not literally.

What's that you say? You'd like to meet my cool uncle Sirius, the one that always has gum?

Why, hello, sir.

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  1. um. have i told you lately that i love you? also, can i come live in grimmauld place with yoU?