Friday, June 17, 2011

Hot, hot, hotter than hell

That's right. Today's post starts with a KISS lyric.

Seriously, it is HOT in Austin right now. Like scorching. While walking to my car this afternoon it was so hot I was actually inspired to write a post about HOW HOT IT IS IN AUSTIN RIGHT NOW.

Don't believe me? Look:

w. t. f.

So although I love me some fashion, whether it's a chic maillot or a simple shift, absolutely no item of clothing is practical in my life right now. In the winter in Austin you wake up, check the weather, and decide if it's v-neck sweater weather or turtleneck weather. In the summer it is NO CLOTHES WEATHER. So today's mostly-safe-for-work post pays homage to some beautiful nude shots.

First up, this hands-down amazing piece by Andreas Bitesnich:

Do not try that outdoors in this weather. I advise against ALL physical activity unless in a severely air-conditioned space. That includes nude physical activity.

I don't have a credit for this next one, but I had to include it despite that.

Gorgeous, no? It borders on cheesy but somehow doesn't get there. So elegant and modern.

My absolute favorite is this couples photo by Thomas Karsten:

It's sweet, and fun, and touching, and metaphorical (what with the intertwining and all) in a really real way. Plus the black and white creates such a nice contrast between their light skin and their dark hair; it makes the photo really pop. It's just as polychromatic as a color photo given all the different half-tones.

This last photo is by the late Alfred Cheney Johnston. Taken in the 1920s, the texture of the velvet next to the woman's skin is what made it jump out at me.

Oh, plus there's a naked woman in it, in case you didn't notice.

My boyfriend goes out of town and I spend hours (just for you) sifting through beautiful nude photography (maybe I should clear my browser history...). What more could you possibly want from me? Oh yes, it's Friday; you must also be looking for alcohol (*cough* lush *cough*).

Stay naked, my friends!