Friday, June 3, 2011

from dark glamour to poolside!

There comes a time in every woman's life when she realizes how lovely it is to imbibe by a pool. With summer careening towards me I decided to take the plunge and buy a (gasp!) one-piece. Not only does it camouflage a couple of Bud Light Girls (that's Bud Light Lime, in case you were unaware), but I think there is something endlessly chic about a solid tank.

I decided to go for this one:

I think the color is fresh and vibrant, and J.Crew really knows how to make a well-priced, high-quality swimsuit. Plus their new sizing for their swim line is the same as for their clothing, which makes it super simple to order the right size. PLUS plus you can return anything in store that doesn't work. WIN.

Speaking of winning by being able to return in store, this gem at Anthropologie does happy things to me: 

It's pricey but I would never take it off if I sprang for it. I'm seriously in love with its sexy lines and muted colors. Paired with some affordable wedges from Michael Antonio, you'd be all set for beverage-ing (and feel less guilty about the price of the suit).

I mean those are just flat-out practical.

I personally can't really rock the one-shoulder look, but if you can, I highly recommend this adorable gal. It's like a delightful summertime candy cane of cute meets sleek. Please to pair it with a giant sun hat.

Going back to the very affordable theme, and now that you all are learning about my love for raver scabies, ahem, glitter, I introduce this goldie but goody (oh god, don't judge me) from Target. I love this suit's mix of current and retro, and think the color would be amazing on a darker skin tone. I also think it would be way flattering on a curvier frame; it kind of hangs on little miss size 2 here:

It's an almost exact copy of a Carmen Marc Valvo I recently tried on, so I know it's comfortable.

Another affordable piece that just reeks of sunshine and happy is this nice little number courtesy, surprisingly enough, of Forever 21.

Seriously, Forever 21?? Excellent job! I will take one. And I will pair it with gold hoops, and you will LIKE IT.

I hope you're all having a glorious Friday, and that there is grilling and pooltime in your immediate future! Might I suggest a leetle beverage to liven up your weekend even further?



  1. So I can basically take this as an invitation to come drink mojitos at your pool on Sunday, right?

  2. Dear Jane,
    If I am there, then YES!

  3. Yes and yes. I'll take two of that Anthro suit.