Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flat-ernizing with the enemy

Given my midgetesque stature (5'0"), I wear heels about 95% of the time. The other day I wore flats at work for the first time and people were full-on shocked at how height-challenged I am. Plus I had to seek out help reaching the Advil over the sink in our break room (by which I mean I stood in the break room helpless, looking pitiful and hoping very hard that someone would magically decide they needed another cup of coffee at 3 p.m. Luckily, someone did!)

I was feeling like this after that episode:  :(

After some deep soul-searching, however, I decided to embrace the short! Short SCHMORT, I said inside my midget brain. And I started the hunt for a pretty little ballet-ish flat.

Turns out there are lots of cute choices! I present to you...

Exhibit A:

The Kate Spade Elena comes in pink, black, and red. I'm really feeling the pink. The black is too practical and the candy apple red is beautiful but not quite for me. It'd be gorgeous on you, though!

I also really like this dainty gal from Urban Outfitters.

Exhibit B:

It would go with everything and the price is right, but it has a hint of old lady that I'm not crazy about. You'd definitely need to try it on in person to make sure it stays away from house shoe territory. But I like that it's a muted gold; it wouldn't show wear as easily and it's as versatile as a nude flat.

This next one is definitely my favorite:

Exhibit C:

Of course it's Valentino, which makes it Exhibit C-an't afford it right now, but I'm still in lust with it so it got to come hang out on the blog. And maybe it's in your budget, in which case: you're welcome! And also, can I borrow them sometime?

Back to practical and affordable, check out...

Exhibit D:

Nine West through Piperlime

I love the detailing on the back of the shoe. It's like your feet are little pedi-presents!

Am I flat-out crazy for letting these make it to the final round? Do you think I've flat-lined because of the poor judgement I've exercised? Or are you flat-tered that I've shared such good finds with you?


  1. Is it OK if I just admire these and continue to wear heels? At my last job before moving to TX, I happened to wear flip flops on my last day—after 3 years of heels everyday. In her ever-inappropriate fashion, the HR director exclaimed, "OMG, you're short! Hey everyone, did you know Wendy is actually short?!"