Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dining. The white way.

Despite the sub-par entrees at Fabi + Rosi, I'm still thinking about the restaurant because of the elegant white decor. I feel like most of the population hears about white being used in design and immediately assumes cold or modern (or "modern", by which I mean really poorly done, stereotypical modern), or some unlovely combination of the two.

So I present to you a conclusion to disprove that hypothesis.

Conclusion intro: 

The epitome of soft and inviting. It's not my typical style, but it's just so pretty. The lace, the filtered natural light, and the bare hardwood floors remind me of an upscale bed and breakfast. 

Mmm. Breakfast.

Obligatory 2nd paragraph of conclusion because your T.A. has too much time on his hands when he isn't crashing undergrad parties:

The books and the lampshades on the chandelier soften what could've veered quickly onto Highway Stark. It's still a little cold, but the planned messiness and primary colors of the book spines/knick-knacks keep it approachable.

In conclusion of the conclusion, a termination summation of the determination:

(or just my favorite). In the home of and designed by fashion guru Keni Valenti

via Elle Decor

I almost took this room off this post for it "not being white enough", but then I felt like a decor racist. It's amazing how yellow the cream looks when compared with the other two rooms, though, isn't it? Cream is hard to keep sleek, but with the laquer chairs and silver accents sleek it is.

I think the key here is to do almost all white in a room. In the first room we have the dark floors to add color and another level of interest, in the second we have the variousities that are most likely books, and the third has the steel table and marigold accents (and the blush-ish tones in the cream itself).

Hm. I guess the key is also Scotchgard and a diet consisting solely of champagne. 


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