Thursday, June 2, 2011

the dark side of glamour...

is definitely my favorite side.

Not that this was a new realization for me, but I got really jazzed about it last night while roasting broccoli and jamming to Nouvelle Vague's cover of The Clash's "Guns of Brixton". Treat your brain to it now.

(ignore the fact that it's about discontent and paranoia. or don't. i won't tell you what to do.)

Now step through the gilded doors and join me for a peek into a bit of the glamour!

These lovely things actually live in a private jet. 
I know.

Obviously to be worthy of such ridiculous you'd need to don something equally phenomenal. I think this KAUFMANFRANCO number would fit the bill nicely, especially paired with gold Brian Atwood pumps and an asymmetrical Leiber necklace:

At only 3k you might as well buy two of those dresses, because I have a feeling you could boogie a rip into that thing at a soiree like this:

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 Disco balls? YES. No one ever said dark glamour couldn't have a sense of humor! And once you've worn out your rock-hard tush dancing (or drinking martinis; I mean let's all be honest here), go sashay/stumble your way home, where I hope to all that is glittery you fall into this...

And wake up to pee at 6 a.m. here:

I think it's all an irresistible blend of ritzy and wtf, with a big touch of overpriced hotel, and it makes my heart go ka-thump in vaaary nice ways.

What about you?

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  1. You're perfectly yourself as a blogger, and it's awesome.