Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Confession time.

I'm sure there's no way you've guessed it from reading my blog, but I have to tell you that I can be a little, let's say, eccentric. I like to think it's charming, but that's neither here nor there. Example: when I was really little, I seriously thought that inanimate objects had feelings. Like I once apologized to a lamp for leaving it on overnight. 

I know. Weird.

So now I'm worried that I hurt poor Sisal Rug's feelings yesterday when I accused it of overpopulating the rug world. Thus I present to you some beautiful rooms that revolve around the sisal.

From Traditional Home, designed by Loi Thai

Serene. Classy. Pretty sage-y goodness. And the rug keeps it from being too formal or untouchable. If only Cameron Frye's parents had used a sisal rug or two!

I also totally dig this living room in the Hamptons.

from Elle Decor, designed by Chiqui and Nena Woolworth

Calming in a much more casual way. You could actually kick your feet up here (you know, once you were sick of all that taxing Hamptons beach and party time), and the rug solidifies its casual-beachy nature.

This next room is the most traditional but with the most innovative sisal: it's vinyl so it can be mopped! The material makes it perfect for a kitchen dining area, and the color of it offsets the deep coral of the valances and cushions perfectly.

Also Traditional Home, designed by Mary Anne Smiley

Plus that coral chandelier is glorious.

Only a few photos for you today, but with them I think I've proven I'm not really a sisal hater. And now when my future place houses one I can say, "See? Just because I don't think it's fun doesn't mean I never pointed out its merits."

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