Monday, June 13, 2011

A clean start to the week!

Why hello, blog darlings! After so much color inundation last week I thought I'd start this week off with a nice palate-cleanser. Today we are going to explore some tasty morsels of the translucent variety, beginning with the iconic ghost chair from Phillipe Starck.

tres jolie, non?

Luckily there are plenty of good imitations of the chair at wallet-friendly prices, which is important since my design mock-up of my future dining room includes 4 of these dolls. They are just so cool, you know? Plus they go so nicely with my wackadoo color palette of teal, lime, and fuchsia.

Another dining area idea that I love, courtesy of Real Simple, is adding a full-length mirror to your dining table. It elongates and emphasizes your space with very minimal cost, and it looks top dollar:

So beautiful with those black chairs!

Such a good look! Especially with pretty crystal on top of it and therefore reflected. Not that the white and black of the rest of the room hurts.

Continuing on with the mirrored look and my love affair with mirrored furniture is this insanely beautiful chest from the John-Richard Collection.

Thanks, Neiman's

I want one in my bedroom, one as a hutch in my dining room next to those Starck chairs, and one in the guest bedroom just because. It's the kind of piece that you never regret investing in since it will always look perfectly placed no matter what room it inhabits.

Another investment piece with similar versatility? This lucite table by Craig Van Den Brulle:

It's a magical prism of pretty and fancy! and it's totally batting its sharp eyelashes at me.

I'll leave you with this bubble-wrap inspired Oscars dress on J.Lo. It isn't lucite, and it isn't mirrored, but it's a ridonculous homage to clear, and therefore fully welcome to ladychirpsalot.

Thank you, Armani Prive, for doing what you do. I'm glad you love the translucent as much as I.

Are we all cleansed and ready for where this week takes us? Better than coffee grounds or lame sorbet, I say!

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