Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blue! (the color, not the emotion)

How's everyone doing on our journey of colorgasmic beauty? Splendid, I hope! It's time to usher in...BLUE!

I happen to wear a LOT of black, so I try to funk it up with shoes as often as I can to seem less boring. How amazing would these Louboutins be paired with a simple black shift or suit?

If you answered "SO amazing", you are correct! And you win my love and approval.

Maybe sparkly heels aren't your thing (ahem: what?? why aren't they your thing? you should really look into that.); maybe you like your blue served up a bit more casually. This epic and surprisingly versatile turquoise necklace from the Gypsy Collection rocks my world. I love that it can be paired with a t-shirt or a cocktail dress depending on your mood and the occasion. 

get it here, if you want it! I personally want every pair of earrings on the site.

It's a little bit rocker, a little bit cowgirl, and a lotta beautiful. Plus, the designer is a lovely chick that I've known for years, and the price is right, so that makes it a win-win-win.

On the darker side of the blue spectrum is this butler's pantry featured in Elle Decor. I think it's too much color for an entire kitchen (unless you did some bright white backsplashes and furniture), but for a small space it's really soothing and beautiful.

mmmm. love.

I especially love the idea of doing a small half-bath in that color. Or a dining room. Or, really, any not huge space. On the other hand, a living room using blue should, in my opinion, lean towards the lighter side of things. Case in point, this beauty, lived in by Anna Molinari (of Blumarine. Coincidentally aptly named for this post).

Doesn't it make you sigh with relief at its cleanliness and simplicity? Its coral-esque chandelier and ice-blue elements make me tres relaxed and happy. I could for sure kick off my Louboutins before hunkering down there.

Or I could change into flats and host a dinner party here:

Found on House Beautiful

Designed by Gary McBournie, this room is quintessential Palm Beach: airy, light, timeless, classy without taking itself too seriously, and crisp as my hair after swimming. I'm not crazy about the curtains -they're a little stale for my taste- but no one's perfect!

What are your thoughts? Do these blues make you green with envy, too?

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