Monday, June 27, 2011

Aesthetically delicious.

On Friday Joseph was all sneaky and told me we were going to dinner, but he wouldn't say where. I was advised to dress "casual-fancy", and off we headed to the joyous Mopac. Once we turned onto Lake Austin I said "oh! Are we going to Hula Hut? I've never been!" (thinking it was more just casual than fancy-casual, but pretending to be excited nonetheless). He smiles and turns down Hearn street, and says "Yeah! But really, no. We are going here."

Hearn street is a beautiful little tree-lined neighborhood, and Fabi + Rosi is a modern European cottage of a place. I was tres heureux!

We started off with these killer mussels in a buttery broth. They were just tender enough and totally delicious. And the butter for the bread? I could've drunk it.

We then had a salad w/ charred pork belly (a little too charred), and for main dishes I had the steak frites and Joseph had the scallops. Sadly, our entrees were only OK. My steak was a little overdone and tough, the fries were basically fast food fries w/ truffle oil added, and the scallops were, in the words of the waitress, merely "nice".

Anyhow, food be damned, the place steals the show because of its decor. It's upscale in its simplicity with a lot of feminine touches despite being almost all white.

Check out the main dining area:

Yes, that's a fake deer head strewn with giant white flowers. And yes, I love it.

My recommendation is to definitely check this place out, but just go for an order of mussels and wine (oh, and my dessert port was a tad too saccharin but still tasty). Look at the "bar" area!

I think it's been slightly rearranged since this photo was taken, but it's still basically like that. So chic! So Parisian! 

Moral of the story. Food = 2 stars. Ambience = 5 stars. Boyfriend = Still winning. Plus our waitress was adorable, and good service goes a long way. Although she didn't check on us while we were eating our entrees, which was slightly upsetting because I would've sent back my steak. Ah, well.

Did we just go on an off night? Do you all have better food memories than we do? Why does the restaurant have 4 and 5 star reviews all over Yelp (besides mine and Joseph's)? And where else should we explore culinarily that is ideally as tasty as Wink but in the same price range as Fabi + Rosi?

Help, readers! My thighs aren't going to feed themselves!


  1. I had a really really really good meal when I went in January. But then, in June I just had a so-so food experience. Maybe something has recently changed?

  2. ohhh Nat! Keep up the restaurant reviews. I very much liked this.

  3. Try Barley Swine on South Congress. Good stuff.