Thursday, June 30, 2011

Glitter Thursday!

Remember how last Thursday it was Thursday? Today is also Thursday! (coincidence? I think not!) In celebration of the past 168 hours, I bring to you MORE GLITTER. 

Last week we looked at Chloe; today let's take a gander at miu miu. I love miu miu because their clothing is generally super simple, but then they ramp it the hell up with accessories. Case in point; note the dress:

If you want it...

Then note the clutch:

In silver...

In vibrant pink! Aqui!

And I'm adding their ballerina flats to my previously talked about flats-lust-list (the FLL).

In all their glory here.

Well played, miu miu. Well played.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dining. The white way.

Despite the sub-par entrees at Fabi + Rosi, I'm still thinking about the restaurant because of the elegant white decor. I feel like most of the population hears about white being used in design and immediately assumes cold or modern (or "modern", by which I mean really poorly done, stereotypical modern), or some unlovely combination of the two.

So I present to you a conclusion to disprove that hypothesis.

Conclusion intro: 

The epitome of soft and inviting. It's not my typical style, but it's just so pretty. The lace, the filtered natural light, and the bare hardwood floors remind me of an upscale bed and breakfast. 

Mmm. Breakfast.

Obligatory 2nd paragraph of conclusion because your T.A. has too much time on his hands when he isn't crashing undergrad parties:

The books and the lampshades on the chandelier soften what could've veered quickly onto Highway Stark. It's still a little cold, but the planned messiness and primary colors of the book spines/knick-knacks keep it approachable.

In conclusion of the conclusion, a termination summation of the determination:

(or just my favorite). In the home of and designed by fashion guru Keni Valenti

via Elle Decor

I almost took this room off this post for it "not being white enough", but then I felt like a decor racist. It's amazing how yellow the cream looks when compared with the other two rooms, though, isn't it? Cream is hard to keep sleek, but with the laquer chairs and silver accents sleek it is.

I think the key here is to do almost all white in a room. In the first room we have the dark floors to add color and another level of interest, in the second we have the variousities that are most likely books, and the third has the steel table and marigold accents (and the blush-ish tones in the cream itself).

Hm. I guess the key is also Scotchgard and a diet consisting solely of champagne. 


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh my.

You guys.

In my daily scour of the internet for glorious things to bring to you, I found my soulmate.

Inasmuch as a dining room can be one's soulmate, that is.

Today's original post has been pushed to tomorrow because I don't want to taint this photo by putting it next to merely mediocre rooms. Without further ado...


There are ghost chairs. There are chandeliers. There are wingback captain's chairs. There are painted wood floors (seriously!) and hot pink and mirrors and tufted and floor-length windows. Would I have used bigger, sparklier chandeliers (or black ones)? Duh. And probably a Kandinsky instead of the LOVE piece, but whatever. I'll take it even with its flaws, and we'll work through our issues together.

Design by Hilary White. Expect to see a lot more of her here at ladychirpsalot.

I'll help elevate it to perfection, and it'll remind me to floss daily and put down the damn cupcake. Now leave us; I think we need to be alone for a while.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Aesthetically delicious.

On Friday Joseph was all sneaky and told me we were going to dinner, but he wouldn't say where. I was advised to dress "casual-fancy", and off we headed to the joyous Mopac. Once we turned onto Lake Austin I said "oh! Are we going to Hula Hut? I've never been!" (thinking it was more just casual than fancy-casual, but pretending to be excited nonetheless). He smiles and turns down Hearn street, and says "Yeah! But really, no. We are going here."

Hearn street is a beautiful little tree-lined neighborhood, and Fabi + Rosi is a modern European cottage of a place. I was tres heureux!

We started off with these killer mussels in a buttery broth. They were just tender enough and totally delicious. And the butter for the bread? I could've drunk it.

We then had a salad w/ charred pork belly (a little too charred), and for main dishes I had the steak frites and Joseph had the scallops. Sadly, our entrees were only OK. My steak was a little overdone and tough, the fries were basically fast food fries w/ truffle oil added, and the scallops were, in the words of the waitress, merely "nice".

Anyhow, food be damned, the place steals the show because of its decor. It's upscale in its simplicity with a lot of feminine touches despite being almost all white.

Check out the main dining area:

Yes, that's a fake deer head strewn with giant white flowers. And yes, I love it.

My recommendation is to definitely check this place out, but just go for an order of mussels and wine (oh, and my dessert port was a tad too saccharin but still tasty). Look at the "bar" area!

I think it's been slightly rearranged since this photo was taken, but it's still basically like that. So chic! So Parisian! 

Moral of the story. Food = 2 stars. Ambience = 5 stars. Boyfriend = Still winning. Plus our waitress was adorable, and good service goes a long way. Although she didn't check on us while we were eating our entrees, which was slightly upsetting because I would've sent back my steak. Ah, well.

Did we just go on an off night? Do you all have better food memories than we do? Why does the restaurant have 4 and 5 star reviews all over Yelp (besides mine and Joseph's)? And where else should we explore culinarily that is ideally as tasty as Wink but in the same price range as Fabi + Rosi?

Help, readers! My thighs aren't going to feed themselves!

Friday, June 24, 2011

NOW it's Friday!

And thank the gods of glitter for that. In keeping with the sparkly gold that I gave you all yesterday, I decided that Friday (oh, and I double-checked and today is Friday) should be gilded. Let's jump right into some shiny golden goodness, shall we?

Also, yes. There will be lots of gold on ladychirpsalot on a regular basis. I'll try to reign it in but I can't make any promises...

First of all, I found this insane table that echoes the one in the Beard house from Tuesday/Wednesday.

Yeehaw for driftwood!

Apparently it's really difficult to make. You have to do all of three steps to replicate this guy: 1) find driftwood, 2) spray paint aforementioned driftwood, 3) add a piece of glass from Home Depot.

I simultaneously think it's really hideous and really cool, and I'm not offended no matter which opinion you side with.

Something I think is genuinely cool is this Philippe Starck bedside table lamp.

Available at Moss

I know. It's crazy. Crazy-awesome. Plus maybe it would deter burglars! That's what I call double-duty, dudes. Picture it. You = reading. Burglar = burgling. Lamp = PROTECTING. Home = Safe.

What's that? You want gold dining chairs? Fine, talk me into it.

One of my fave sites for fun affordable housewares, Maisons du Monde

With one of these at each end of the table and some Starck ghost chairs (real or imitation) in between, you've got a killer dining room that'll blend with almost any decor. I bet you could just Clorox wipe those seats, too. Mess-friendly!

So pull up a sheeny shiny chair and kick up your Cavalli's:

It's time to enjoy the collaboration between Dolce & Gabbana and Martini: Martini Gold.

I have NO idea why that exists, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't need to, but I'm determined to find it and try it now (not like, right now. I'm at work. And, um, obviously working very hard). I'll report back!

Have a beautiful weekend! I plan on doing some of this:

yes, that is the J.Crew suit featured here :)

Haha, silly Joseph.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's that kind of day...

Because it's Thursday but I have been convinced all day that it was Friday, my productivity has been shot. I only have one thing for you today. I am le sorry.

BUT it has the awesome of at least three things, because...


Chain Mail.


Take notes, Ren Fair folks. THIS is how you do chain mail.

buy it here: Bergdorf's

I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Post scriptum to yesterday...

I've been drooling over the Hamptons house I posted about yesterday (the beachy living room with the green couches), and I think it's only fair that I share the rest of the house with you. All images from Elle Decor

As an intro, the owner of the house (Veronica Beard) specifically told her designers (Chiqui and Nena Woolworth, her aunt and cousin) that she wanted a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere, unlike the overly formal house she grew up in. Beard wanted them to channel Lilly Pulitzer, which they were able to do without going aqua-and-pink crazy.

another view of the living room. Those chairs!

Off the living room is the deck, which is a total cocktail party waiting to happen.

That view, those mixed-print throw pillows, and that R.E. Steele table are such lovely eye candy!

Keeping with the eye candy theme is the hipper than hip library. Definitely my favorite room in this abode.

I assume there are bookshelves on another wall?

Oh hello there, room. Come here often?

Mixed patterns + warm vibrant colors + corner sofa = Yes! Mixing patterns can be scary, but this room is a perfect example of the glory that ensues when it's done right. I wouldn't want to leave that room ever, although the dining room does make a compelling case for doing so.


I love how it echoes the deck so well with the textiles and the frames of the chairs. I can see the table base looking too heavy in another room, but here it and the dark laquer floors create a nice striking contrast to the ethereal twiggy chandelier and peach walls. 

Lastly, the master bedroom! Complete with beautiful home owner Veronica:

I absolutely love the reversal of the pattern on the walls/headboard! I wouldn't have chosen those bed linens, but unfortunately they didn't ask for my opinion. Ah well, their loss.

What about you? Would you take this house out for drinks, too? I bet it could put down a mean mojito or two (and by it, I also mean me).

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Confession time.

I'm sure there's no way you've guessed it from reading my blog, but I have to tell you that I can be a little, let's say, eccentric. I like to think it's charming, but that's neither here nor there. Example: when I was really little, I seriously thought that inanimate objects had feelings. Like I once apologized to a lamp for leaving it on overnight. 

I know. Weird.

So now I'm worried that I hurt poor Sisal Rug's feelings yesterday when I accused it of overpopulating the rug world. Thus I present to you some beautiful rooms that revolve around the sisal.

From Traditional Home, designed by Loi Thai

Serene. Classy. Pretty sage-y goodness. And the rug keeps it from being too formal or untouchable. If only Cameron Frye's parents had used a sisal rug or two!

I also totally dig this living room in the Hamptons.

from Elle Decor, designed by Chiqui and Nena Woolworth

Calming in a much more casual way. You could actually kick your feet up here (you know, once you were sick of all that taxing Hamptons beach and party time), and the rug solidifies its casual-beachy nature.

This next room is the most traditional but with the most innovative sisal: it's vinyl so it can be mopped! The material makes it perfect for a kitchen dining area, and the color of it offsets the deep coral of the valances and cushions perfectly.

Also Traditional Home, designed by Mary Anne Smiley

Plus that coral chandelier is glorious.

Only a few photos for you today, but with them I think I've proven I'm not really a sisal hater. And now when my future place houses one I can say, "See? Just because I don't think it's fun doesn't mean I never pointed out its merits."

Monday, June 20, 2011

Yet again, Monday is underfoot...

But luckily, so are pretty area rugs!

So. I have an unhealthy habit of perusing Etsy for hours on end. It's similar to Wikipedia: you look up one thing and then get sucked into this vortex of clicking on related links until you realize three hours have gone by and how did you end up at "Jungian" from "Toucan"? With Etsy the other day I ended up at "Rugs" from "Corsets". For serious.

But look what I found! These rugs are so smashing! I present to you my newest cool find: en route studio!

First up, the garden rug:

So funky! So delightful! And the light grey background makes it versatile, too! And you know how I am with funky versatility.

Next up, the candy-colored Flowerburst. It's like Orangina took mushrooms and painted a self-portrait:

Look at the magic it makes in a streamlined room:


I love the idea of having artwork on the floor instead of the walls. The sweet white couch and fireplace don't hurt, either.

And now my personal favorite from them.

Introducing the Bloom. It's probably the minx that sold Orangina the drugs. I've looked at this rug at least 12 times this weekend trying to justify buying it, even though I know I won't actually buy a living room rug until Joseph and I move into a new place in October.

Teal! Yellow! Pink! Art! Pixels! Yay!

And in a room:

I can't even deal. It has my (current) favorite decorating colors and is so different than all the other lame-o rugs that permeate that world (dear sisal, when did you corner the market?).

I'm refraining for now, but if I can at all make that rug practical in a few months it will be mine. Then you all can come hang out and warm your toes in its wooly wonderfulness. Because a big pop of neon is definitely your friend.

So happy Monday! Let's go frolic in a field of flowers and pretend it's our living room, yes?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hot, hot, hotter than hell

That's right. Today's post starts with a KISS lyric.

Seriously, it is HOT in Austin right now. Like scorching. While walking to my car this afternoon it was so hot I was actually inspired to write a post about HOW HOT IT IS IN AUSTIN RIGHT NOW.

Don't believe me? Look:

w. t. f.

So although I love me some fashion, whether it's a chic maillot or a simple shift, absolutely no item of clothing is practical in my life right now. In the winter in Austin you wake up, check the weather, and decide if it's v-neck sweater weather or turtleneck weather. In the summer it is NO CLOTHES WEATHER. So today's mostly-safe-for-work post pays homage to some beautiful nude shots.

First up, this hands-down amazing piece by Andreas Bitesnich:

Do not try that outdoors in this weather. I advise against ALL physical activity unless in a severely air-conditioned space. That includes nude physical activity.

I don't have a credit for this next one, but I had to include it despite that.

Gorgeous, no? It borders on cheesy but somehow doesn't get there. So elegant and modern.

My absolute favorite is this couples photo by Thomas Karsten:

It's sweet, and fun, and touching, and metaphorical (what with the intertwining and all) in a really real way. Plus the black and white creates such a nice contrast between their light skin and their dark hair; it makes the photo really pop. It's just as polychromatic as a color photo given all the different half-tones.

This last photo is by the late Alfred Cheney Johnston. Taken in the 1920s, the texture of the velvet next to the woman's skin is what made it jump out at me.

Oh, plus there's a naked woman in it, in case you didn't notice.

My boyfriend goes out of town and I spend hours (just for you) sifting through beautiful nude photography (maybe I should clear my browser history...). What more could you possibly want from me? Oh yes, it's Friday; you must also be looking for alcohol (*cough* lush *cough*).

Stay naked, my friends!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maximizing style

I was recently queried about maxi dresses. To which I replied that I had never thought much about them since on me they look like nightgowns. But I have a stylish coworker who wears them on occasion, and she totally rocks the look.

The key to a successful maxi dress is, in my opinion, simplicity. Breezy fabrics, not a lot of pattern, simple cuts. Prime example from J.Crew:

Doria dress in Indigo

It's a day-to-evening dress, certainly, and the drapery is so well done! It's Grecian without being over-the-top toga-y (and without the economic turmoil). It also comes in a lovely "Weathered Wood" color:


I would've named it Romantic Rust, but that's neither here nor there. Can't you totally see it as a bridesmaid's dress in a destination wedding? I can. *sigh*

For a more casual maxi, Old Navy has this jersey knit number.

The straightforward cut paired with the striking magenta makes it special enough to stand out, but easy enough to not look like you're trying too hard. I can see this at the pool, out to dinner later that night, and thrown on the next morning to run errands.

In keeping with the brighter color them is this teal halter from Victoria's Secret.

It's probably just because it looks so good on the model, but they have me seriously adding that to my shopping cart. It'd only need to be taken up by about 13 inches. But it's so pretty! Let's all get one!

Also loving this stripey C&C California available on shopbop:

See? Stripey!

The upside down V pattern is lengthening, and the back is smocked for ultimate comfort!

Any of these guys can be accessorized any way you want. Simply with just giant sunglasses, or more out of control with some lacquer bangles, giant sparkly studs, and major wedges. Plus an edgy leather jacket if it's cool out. My current wish item? This beauty by Helmut Lang:

Sorry it's so tiny. See it larger at the BG website

I don't have any magical tips for rocking the maxi, I really think the only key to owning the maxi is wearing it with ease; if you feel like you're trying too hard you'll look like you're trying too hard.

And that's all I have for you today, my loves! Like me on facebook if it's true!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flat-ernizing with the enemy

Given my midgetesque stature (5'0"), I wear heels about 95% of the time. The other day I wore flats at work for the first time and people were full-on shocked at how height-challenged I am. Plus I had to seek out help reaching the Advil over the sink in our break room (by which I mean I stood in the break room helpless, looking pitiful and hoping very hard that someone would magically decide they needed another cup of coffee at 3 p.m. Luckily, someone did!)

I was feeling like this after that episode:  :(

After some deep soul-searching, however, I decided to embrace the short! Short SCHMORT, I said inside my midget brain. And I started the hunt for a pretty little ballet-ish flat.

Turns out there are lots of cute choices! I present to you...

Exhibit A:

The Kate Spade Elena comes in pink, black, and red. I'm really feeling the pink. The black is too practical and the candy apple red is beautiful but not quite for me. It'd be gorgeous on you, though!

I also really like this dainty gal from Urban Outfitters.

Exhibit B:

It would go with everything and the price is right, but it has a hint of old lady that I'm not crazy about. You'd definitely need to try it on in person to make sure it stays away from house shoe territory. But I like that it's a muted gold; it wouldn't show wear as easily and it's as versatile as a nude flat.

This next one is definitely my favorite:

Exhibit C:

Of course it's Valentino, which makes it Exhibit C-an't afford it right now, but I'm still in lust with it so it got to come hang out on the blog. And maybe it's in your budget, in which case: you're welcome! And also, can I borrow them sometime?

Back to practical and affordable, check out...

Exhibit D:

Nine West through Piperlime

I love the detailing on the back of the shoe. It's like your feet are little pedi-presents!

Am I flat-out crazy for letting these make it to the final round? Do you think I've flat-lined because of the poor judgement I've exercised? Or are you flat-tered that I've shared such good finds with you?