Monday, May 1, 2017


Hello blogness my old friend...

Quick post in honor of being induced tomorrow- the nursery is complete! Not that we waited until today to finish things up or anything, nosirree.

Oh yeah, and back to that earlier point: I'm being induced tomorrow! It wasn't planned before today, but I can barely walk/function due to sciatica and migraines, and I'm 39 weeks with favorable cervical bidness, so there isn't a medical reason not to induce me at this point. I am totally thrilled (/terrified/excited/nervous/freaked out/all the other emotions) and can't believe we get to meet our little man tomorrow! Cue: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

When designing the nursery, I knew that I wanted it to fit in with the rest of the house (funky, eclectic, colorful), and be child-friendly without feeling "baby-y". I was set on 3 things: dark emerald green walls (this is Benjamin Moore's Rainforest Foliage in a pearl finish- their version of satin), the lovely light matte gold crib from Land of Nod, and the Marfa crib sheet from Biscuit. Everything else came together around those pieces, and I'm SO into the end result. It feels both gender- and age-neutral, and can either grow with Cinco or transition easily into a guest room if things in the house need to shift around later. The green feels sophisticated and pretty, while the cactus sheet & lamp, otomi pillow, colorful rug, and striped pom curtains add a bit of bohemian Mexican flair to lighten the mood. And it isn't really a Natalie design without some midcentury thrown in, so of course there's that, as well.

The lighting wasn't perfect for pictures, but I was tapped out on standing for the day, so these are what we get :)

That rocking chair is over 30 years old and in perfect condition; my mom has 2 of them and rocked my siblings and I in them when we were nuggets. Luckily the latest recovering of the chair worked perfectly with this space!

The llama's blue blanket "saddle" is an absolutely beautiful navy blanket knit by Joseph's mother for Cinco. <3

Stag patronus guardian.

Yes, I of course have 4 other less-schmancy crib sheets as backups. I may not have kids yet, but I am a NICU nurse!

Yes, that is a map of Middle Earth to the left. To the right is a gorgeous Little Prince print from my lifelong best friend, Alice (who is due in 2 weeks!).

Cactus lamp. Enough said.

The white blob-looking bookends are adorable owls from a Jonathan Adler for Macy's line he did a few years back. The print is an homage to The Darjeeling Limited- Joseph's favorite Wes Anderson. 

The photograph is of me & my seester/best friend Ann Marie- Cinco's godmother & "Tiana". She's a Don Quixote aficionado, so I had to get Cinco a little Rocinante to watch over him.

Probably most importantly, it is SO cozy at night! I may have no idea what it's like to have a baby of your own in your home 24/7, but I do know that things have to be cozy.

Please to wish us luck! 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Doll House

A friend recently mentioned how far our condo has come, and to see for myself I dug up old photos (my blog somehow erased a ton of my old post photos, and I thought I had lost them), and oh my gosh it's true! Joseph and I have done so much to this place, and I'm shamelessly proud of the home we've made. We plan on staying here for a few more years, and having it comfortable, pretty, and filled with bits we love reinforces my happiness at that thought.

This June will mark our 4th anniversary here- how does that happen so quickly? It's fun to daydream about having a house with a yard, but we have more than enough space here, and the neighborhood is exactly where we want to be (central), so it's really tough to see what we'd gain in moving. Plus, let's be honest: I only want a yard so that I can have chickens.

Sigh.  I DO really want chickens.

Another time.

For my personal enjoyment, and potentially yours, dear 3 people that used to read my blog, I'm celebrating housing progress today. I've done it in the past, but we're at a much more complete stage now! No comments on how we still haven't pulled up the carpets in the bedrooms, mmkay?

May 2012:


That green was a horrendous teal green. This was not the place for teal green.

Then we painted and moved in! Summer 2012.

aw, remember when chevron was a thing? RIP.
master bath
I've taken these past few years to collect pieces- if you know me at all you know I believe in decorating a home over a long period of time so that you only buy things you really love, and give yourself the time to discover pieces in unexpected places. Yes, it takes a heck of a lot longer to have your home feel complete, stuff-wise, but it's SO worth it! Plus, as you can tell, I love me a bit of maximalism. We are still in the collection process, especially for our bedrooms, and that is just fine with me. An Ikea coffee table next to a Crate and Barrel side table? NBD.

I have to give a shout out to my fantastic husband, too. Joseph has a great eye and is wonderful for bouncing ideas off of. I love knowing that he will be into a piece he has to look at every day, too.

March 2016:


Master bath

Guest room w/ wrinkles.

Oh how I wish I had a picture of the guest bath before. It was POOP BROWN. POOP I TELL YOU.

Thanks for stopping by! Cocktails next week?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Once upon a blog...

I had this thought that maybe I would start blogging again. I work night shift in the NICU now (and love it- the NICU is a fascinating place. But that's for another post), so I have days like today where I can play on the internet for several hours, drink way too much coffee, and enjoy the company of my Long Dog, Helix. For your enjoyment, here he is eating a dryer sheet:

Anyhow, I wanted to blog about the Met Gala, namely because I remain in love with what Kylie Jenner wore. I think she looked fantastic: young, fun, beautiful. The simple hair and makeup with the high-necked, side cutout gown in that gorgeous green worked wonders for her, in my humble opinion. I get that people didn't love the sideboob action, but to me, this is perfect on her.

But I chose not to write a whole post, because I got lazy.

I just cannot ignore some of the magic that happened at the CFDA awards, though. People (and their stylists) brought their A games, and I'm in so much lust with many of these outfits. I think the CFDAs often bring more to the table than the Met Gala because people stretch the boundaries of fashion but don't veer into costume territory. It's what I would hope to wear if I were a bajillionaire with galas to attend and had a trainer and dietician.

My favorites, below:

Alek Wek, in H&M's Conscious Collection (funds amazing things, details here):

Amanda Seyfried, in Rodarte. Like high fashion Tinkerbell. Plus: sparkles!:

Chiara Ferragni, in Rebecca Minkoff. Say what you will about crop tops, but this is just FUN.

Diane von Fürstenburg, in...duh. It's slouchy, it's chic, it's print! Palm Beach: Fanciest edition.

Dree Hemingway in The Row. I'm so predictable: I'm a sucker for a woman in a tux.

Check out her earrings! Those plus the gold bangle seal the deal for me here. I also could never pull off that barefaced, chill as everything hair, and I am in awe of people who can.

Gigi Hadid in a Michael Kors jumpsuit. That is gold. and flared. WTF I LOVE THIS. Her makeup is perfect, too, which helps. I could pick on her clutch, but I won't.

One of my top top favorites, Jacquelyn Jablonski, in Giulietta. Stunning, with über-rad shoes, to boot.
M hm.

Janelle Monae killing it in Tadashi Shoji. Arguably the best look of the night.
And a big thank you to my hippest friend, Bryan, for introducing me to this video years ago.

Joan Smalls, she-who-can-do-no-wrong, in Calvin Klein Collection (this shot makes it look like a jumpsuit, but it's a dress):


I'm not usually a Katie Holmes fan, but this is so 90's glamour that I can't resist it. Plus I LOVE olive and think it is way underused (Ralph Lauren, btw). Also, she looks so happy, right? A little wrinkled, but I assume that's unavoidable if you're wearing satin unless you walk to the event. The whole Tom Cruise thing was so weird and I am happy to see her out and about on her own, being lovely and smiling.

Lily Aldridge, an aesthetic idol of mine, in Thakoon. Sleeves, sparkles, and a v-neck? It's my dream dress, you guys.

Lastly, probably my top top top favorite- Emmy Rossum in Dion Lee. Again: SLEEVES. and black! Bonus: sweet clutch. Hm, maybe this one is my dream dress instead.

You can buy this for me here, by the way. Thanks!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Globity globes

What an interesting roundup of outfits there was last night at les Globes d'Or! I found myself indifferent to very few things; I mostly either loved or hated people's choices.

I can't proceed with my top choices without giving a huge shout out to Richard Linklater and my love love love Wes Anderson- way to represent Austin with your amazing talent, personfolk!! Completely deserved.

And now, since you haven't already been completely inundated with pictures of all of these outfits...well...I just want to reinforce the awesome of some of the styling choices. In no particular order, but leading in with my secret husband, Señor Brody, in Givenchy:

uuuuuuuugh the sexy. It hurts my soul.

Anna Faris, in Reem Acra, being adorable with her husband Mr. Pratt (in a boring tux that I don't care about but it's fine ok sure):

They lurve each other. Or he's about to eat her face.

Mr. Clive Owen in Giorgio Armani. Deep green velvet, be still my heart!

that look on his face is stupid cute.

Dakota Johnson, in Chanel Haute Couture All the Sparkles plus lovely hair and makeup (I do wish she'd done a cool jewel-toned shoe and maybe big emerald studs, but no one asked me):

bonus: LEG!

Eddie Redmayne, in MOAR VELVET (Gucci):

such a cad.

Helen Mirren, looking sexier than should perhaps be allowed, in Dolce & Gabbana:

Jessica Chastain (hey, that's my middle name!) being characteristically beyond stunning in Atelier Versace:

bonus: perfect hair!

Throwing in a very controversial choice here, but I actually adore Kerry Washington's weird Mary Katrantzou dress. It's different and flattering and looks fun to wear, plus it's hard to mess up anything with that face.

antibonus: BAD SHOES

Leslie Mann, amazingly gorgeous human specimen, sunny in shimmery Kaufmanfranco:

bonus: no bonus. Did you see her face?

Julianne Moore, goddess, in custom Givenchy:

bonus: maybe a little too much botox going on in her world currently.

Louise Roe, whose Jenny Packham dress may be an ode to Ariel's sheet beach cover-up, but is still by my wedding dress designer and quite lovely (although aren't we done with braids yet? I vote yes):

Taylor Schilling in a dramatic tomato Ferragamo:

Dramatic Tomato is the name of my new emo punk band.

I'm such a sucker for a hot back-

bonus: the blonde girl's look in the background.

And ending with my absolute favorites. 

#4, the ADORABLE Emma Stone in a Lanvin jumpsuit with giant buttock bow:


#3 in my heart, Robin Wright in Ralph Lauren. This was another controversial one, but I think she looks sexy as everything + confident + über chic (I mean, isn't that her signature?), which is saying something when you can see a belly sliver. I just think this works perfectly on her and also I want to be her and also I'm always the most covered person in the room so maybe that's part of this whole adoration thing.

bonus: sexiest pixie ever.

#2 in my heart, Felicity Jones in Dior. So French! So perfect-fitting! Such a lovely peacock blue! Great sleek shiny hair! So classic and glamorous and yet utterly modern! Plus, how relaxed does she look? That must be hard to do on the red carpet, non?

And my absolute favorite, Sienna Miller in Miu Miu. I can't say enough good things about this. The whole styling is perfection: relaxed, sexy hair; simple, flattering makeup; deep v-neck without a necklace; simple shape enhanced with a delicate pattern and great beading and pleats, happy smile. You can just tell how great she feels- she's glowing!

another view to really see the hem and detail work:

Full success, Ms. Miller. Full. Success. Next time please to help out Ms. Knightley, won't you?